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The Legal Aid Clinic Community Church of GOD

The Legal Aid Clinic of the Community Church of GOD serves the Decatur community. The clinic provides help to men and women and working families who can not afford a lawyer. The clinic handles civil cases, not criminal, traffic or bankruptcy cases. A $10 donation for the work of the church is requested. The Community Church of GOD is served by Pastor Elgin Hawthorne Jr. Attorney William Faber serves as the Director of the Clinic. He is assisted by a trained team of legal assistants.

For an appointment, phone: (217) 422-0758
Clinic hours are Thursdays from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Read more from our local newspaper: Legal Aid lawyers helped straighten out mortgage

How to Use the People’s Court Small Claims Court

You have watched TV court. The small claims court in the Macon County Court House works the same way. So, you already have a basic understanding of the process. You don’t need a lawyer. Handle the case by yourself- pro se.

What is Small Claims Court?

It is for cases of $10,000 or less. The court rules are relaxed, but you still have to follow some basic court rules. One important rule to remember is that you must bring your witness into court. You can’t rely on a letter from the witness.

Banks, collection companies, Ameren, hospitals and landlords use small claims court to collect bills. But, you can use small claims court too, to enforce your rights. For example, when the landlord refuses to return your security deposit.

How do you prove your case or defend it?

1. Get witnesses to back-up your side of the case.

2. Bring photos for the judge to see–a picture is worth a thousand words.

3. Write out what you want to say to the judge so you can be clear and brief–two things busy judges really appreciate.

4. Bring original documents for use as exhibits in your case.

More Questions?

Check out this great web site for lots of information and help about the small claims process:

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