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Overtime FAQs

What is overtime pay?

If you work over 40 hours during a week, then you are entitled to overtime pay.  The boss cannot avoid paying overtime by giving you “comp” time off the next week.

For example if you work 60 hours this week, the boss cannot avoid overtime pay by letting you work only 20 hours the next week.

Overtime pay is paid at time and one half your regular pay rate.   Overtime pay may not be an agreement between the boss and you.

Are managers exempt from overtime pay?

Not always.  Often a worker is given the title of manager, when in fact his or her job is most like that of a regular worker.  So a manager may be entitled to overtime pay.

What if I am on salary?

The law is complicated.  There are three general categories:  1. executive 2. administrative and 3.  professional.  Also, outside salespeople are exempt.  These workers are not entitled to overtime pay.

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